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God please see me through this PhD program cause sometimes I feel like I’m at my breaking point, still have to shower, iron my clothes for tomorrow and put clean sheets on my bed before I see my eyelids good night my good people #not enough hours in the day #overwhelming #walden #tired #future shrink #earth wind and fire #music

I just wanna watch tv in peace a mess. He wanna belly run and talk it’s too early Al it’s to early…I can’t stand him on my bed

We get up for a morning walk and this is what he does….

Artscape 2014 it was fun.

He will not leave my side until I close my laptop and submit@my assignment #chewed my flip flop and fell asleep…

My melomar got me two of three birthday gifts and I love them…

At chipotle with my melo mar and before I left the nail salon to get my pedi…a mess the fumes hade breathing through my damn nose. #cantbreath #struggletobreath #nicetoestho (at Sexy Nails)

Had to get the wig tightened last night…thanks to Teisha for my Maintence and Kekoe for my shape up at the last minute…love these guys.

Today’s feet….god please don’t let this habit start back up…

Whoever made these bless they heart lol…I’m addicted